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Reference Desk Reporting System - Welcome

Reference Desk Report System


   The Reference Desk Report System (RDRS) is developed to allow all information professional as well as librarian at PTAR about the usage of reference desk in PTAR that will be displayed in PTAR website. This system also allowed PTAR librarian to:

  1. Record the usage of reference desk
  2. See the information about the student and UiTM staff
  3. Determine the field of question or information needs by library users
  4. Generate instant statistic about the usage of reference desk
  5. Print the usage information of reference desk services that used by library users
  6. This system also allowing PTAR staff as well as librarian to view student and UiTM staff information.
  7. In administration site, this system allowed the PTAR admin to add, update, edit or remove student and UiTM staff information that using the reference desk services.


  1. Record Patron data
  2. Edit recorded data if any mistake noticed
  3. Timer duration for each patron checked-in
  4. Easy iconize interface
  5. Generate and print report
  6. Security login and password