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DS Pro provides a huge range of global financial data, real time and historical, unparalleled content, Reuters News and powerful charting applications. It's a powerful tool that integrates economic research and strategy with cross asset analysis to seamlessly bring together top down and bottom up in one single, integrated application. It’s the historical financial content to better investigate correlations and relationships between global economic indicators and asset classes that discover how indicators in one field impact another. Besides that, it also provides to analyze and map trends and relationships, validate trading ideas and grab opportunities whilst watching the markets in real time. 


Thomson Reuters.
Please contact the librarian for DS Pro ID & Password.
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Market-leading Content :-

 •    I/B/E/S Estimates and Global Aggregates - most widely attributed global source of estimates data, relied on by 75% of Fortune 500 

      companies with forecast data collected from over 600 active brokers around the world.


 •    StarMine Analytics offers greater accuracy to consensus estimates and provides sophisticated analytical models and the company 

      overview page provides a wide range of easily accessible summary information.

 •    ASSET4 Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) - provides objective, comparable and latest company-reported 

      environmental, social responsibility and governance information, built on over 900 individual data points with full transparency on 

      original data sources based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).

Company Overviews :-

 •   Financial data on over 70,000 active and inactive companies globally – including key ratios, capital structure, latest deals, top 

      holders, events, plus credit ratings from S&P and Moody’s (where available).

 •   Data and company profiles for over 1.4 million private companies globally, including business descriptions, private equity investors 

      and fund names, key executives, and investment round details news.

 •   A Full Company Report is also available, providing a comprehensive snapshot of a company that you can download and print

Datastream - the Industry's largest and most trusted set of macro-time series data containing: 

   •    Over 50 years of history on many series 

   •    Over 8.5 million global financial instruments and indicators 

   •    Over 10,000 different fields 

   •    Over 85,000 active (and 80,000 inactive) securities 

   •    175 countries in 60 global markets covered 

   •    Over 300 million time series in total

  1. Technical support – please call Helpdesk at 1800 814 158  
  2. Individual inquiries on Datastream usage – please call Helpdesk at 1800 814 158 *Note: This number is to be given to students/lecturers/users who may have one or two queries and need to inquire on how to retrieve the data that they need.  
  3. eTraining for a big group – please send an email to and list down your name, your university/company, and your request. *Note: Some of you may be familiar with eTraining already. For those who aren’t, it’s an online training conducted remotely, whereby the trainer will give you a Website link to log into so that you can view the trainer’s desktop, and then a speaker phone is needed for you to hear the trainer speak. For more information, please email the email address listed above. 
  4. For registered Customer Zone, use the Online Contact Us form to submit any further support requests directly to our support agents. You can find the form at This will ensure that you receive the quickest response to any queries you have in the future.
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